Logo and Branding

A new chain of homemade ice-cream parlours and cafés opened in Croatia and intended for the international market: it is Gustolato, whose format, concept store, coordinated image and P.O.P. materials we have identified. The lead thread is the Italian style, in its most classic and distinguishing shapes. The starting point is the logo and the brand image: soft and sinuous curves, dynamic style, and illustrated graphics.


The Italian character is the base to create an exciting imagery, which is classic and amusing at the same time. The illustration has been chosen for all the materials, since we deem it perfect to describe a cross-section of humanity, full of shades, details and distinctive signs. Ale Giorgini (working for MTV, Warner Bros, Virgin, JEEP and many others) has drawn with his pencils a universe with unique characters.

Concept store

The extraordinary characterization designed by Milk and Ale Giorgini enhances the point of sale, rich of shapes and colours that make the environment more comfortable and unforgettable.