FITT, Technology Flow

The international leader in hi-tech hoses develops YOYO, a revolutionary system to irrigate and wash. A project we have followed since its origin, conceiving the name and developing the coordinated image, packaging, folder, print campaign for the public and for the trade, tutorial videos, materials for the retail partners and for international trade exhibitions.

Naming and Logo

The name derives from a product plus: the distinctive feature of the hose to self-expand with water pressure and self-shrink when empty. The concept recurs in the logo where the spiral “O” sets out shape and flexibility. The red colour enhances the lettering and, in general, the visibility of the brand.


A box that can join the aesthetical value to the advantage of re-use. The transparency makes the product immediately visible for a packaging that won over the REDDOT Design Award 2016 jury, contributing to the success of FITT as the best product design.

Promotional Campaign

Two very effective subjects for the promotional campaign on specialist press adapted even for the materials for the International Gardening Exhibition SPOGA+GAFA. In the centre “NOW” and “WOW”: we express in two words all the expectation for the arrival of the “YOYO revolution”.

Folder for Trade

A quick and comprehensive tool to support trade in the communication of YOYO plus, through simple graphics and icons, coordinates the packaging.

Print Campaign for the Trade

In synthesis, all you need to know about YOYO: the print campaign for the trade brings to the fore the product, its characteristics, the intended uses.

Tutorial Video

How and where is YOYO used? We describe it in an 8-language tutorial video, broadcast in the points of sale and in the trade exhibitions.

Exhibition Stand

The communication continues at the exhibition: at SPOGA+GAFA, YOYO stands out on the illuminated panels, in the Video Wall and on the packs used as real design installations.