Mozzarella Brimi.The only one with 100% Alto Adige milk.

An uncontaminated territory, a consolidated tradition, a unique product. These are the values of Brimi brand, whose new positioning we have followed step by step along a route: logo restyling, corporate identity and packaging; print campaign for the public and the trade; contest for prizes with offline (P.O.P material, folders) and online (dedicated web site) tools.

Logo Restyling

A skilled eye can find those small tricks to make a logo up-to-date keeping the original identity. The weights of the elements and the colours are balanced or, as in this case, the mountain profile is introduced to underline the brand values.


Brand manual

Simple rules help in the external management of the brand image.

Brand Identity

A simple transversal format to accompany all the brand communication.

Packaging Restyling

Everything must remind of Alto Adige: from the sky shade of the corporate blue to the claim, from the iconic flag to the layout of the product photos.

Corporate photo shoot

Corporate brochureand catalogue


Multi-subject print campaign

Mozzarella Brimi represents a taste originated from a set of values, from the mountain microclimate to the care and experience of farmers. The outcome wins over everybody. Hence the message, “You’ll love all that has produced it”, and the choice to represent this synthesis in a hug, universal symbol of closeness, welcoming. Emotion.

Web Commercial

The print subjects come alive in the web commercial campaign, developed in a 30’’ and three 15’’: even in this case the hug is at the centre of the communication, as acknowledgement towards the territory, the skill and the talent of those who have produced the only Mozzarella with 100% Alto Adige Milk.

Corporate Video

The brand history is dealt as a route along a suggestive mountain path. We go over the stages of a journey that, from the origins to today’s successes, has led to the only 100% Alto Adige Mozzarella.

Print Campaign for the Trade

On the occasion of the packaging restyling, our trade campaign in the main specialist reviews and magazines communicates all the pride of the alpine origin.

Exhibition Stand

Contest for Prizes “Gratta&Brimi”

Certain of offering an irresistible delicacy, we have chosen to invite the public to taste it: it is the strategic idea behind the great contest that describes the excellence of the tradition from Alto Adige. Two methods: instant win with folder “Scratchcard” and final win with the drawing of holidays in Alto Adige. The promotion is accompanied with offline (folders, P.O.P. materials) and online (website supports.

7 big shopping labels
More than 70,000 contestants
1,300 participants in the final prize draw
4,500 awarded prizes