If you choose us, you will accept our promise: the excitement you will have for our ideas, will be the same excitement the public will have for your brand.

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All-round creativity.

Communication is a long journey: every stage along the way has its intrinsic value. For this reason, our projects are the result of a complex and complete process, which commences with the creation of a logo, develops with corporate identity and packaging to accomplish an integrated campaign (print, graphic design, TV, radio, cinema, web and social media), supported by initiatives for the retailer, events and promotions.

Above the line

Print, posters, radio, TV: we create new ways to astound through traditional media. Because the classics are timeless, as is emotional engagement.

Below the line

Corporate identity, pack & POP displays, brochures, catalogues, sponsors: below the line there is a world to discover and to communicate.

Milk Digital

Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Ads and Storytelling: we like to play it by ear. Always keeping all the emotions linked. Take a look to the site of our digital division.

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Milk Adv. Communicating in Italy, Communicating in the world.

The energy of an independent team, the completeness of an international agency: Milk adv is a member of Amin Worldwide, a global network with agencies in 30 countries, covering all continents.
The best environment to offer an ideal communication passport to your brand, and an exclusive know-how coming from the exchange of experience with the world partners.