Teletronica Press campaign

SAIV Group is an international network focused on digital information management. For the acquisition of Teletronica brand we designed an adv inspired by the representation of DNA helix, a metaphor of the growth principle that characterizes the brand.

Cyber ​​Security

Today a company can not be said to be safe, if it doesn’t protect its IT data: from this idea derives our press campaign for Cyber Security Group SAIVs service. The effectiveness of the message, combined with an image of strong impact, communicates the need for security protocols that every company must match in order to beat hackers on time. The campaign was rewarded by Mediastars, technical prize of Italian advertising, entering the short list of the top releases of the year.

Industry 4.0 Campaign

The companies' future is Industry 4.0, a technology that turns key business processes digital through a software for machines interaction. It is one of the benefits of SAIV Group, an international network of digital services. And it is the centre of our press campaign: we compare the past and future of industrial production. To summarize, in a synthetic and effective way, a real "smart revolution".