More than a burger: an experience to share

A brand that is born with us and that is continuously growing before their eyes: that’s You & Meat by Centro Carni Company. A brand with a strong personality, sleek and cool, for a product that offers the best burgers as complete meals, bringing a message of taste and sharing of special moments.

Naming and Logo

A taste is always an encounter between flavours, friendships, experiences. That's the sense of the name we have found: a wordplay that combines the pleasure of eating with the pleasure of spending good time together. The logo is an encounter between elegance and modernity. Essential in strokes and shapes, it recalls the burger typical colours in a very pleasant way. Finally, the pay-off "Taste the best" is a promise that doesn’t require any explanation.


Scottona, Chianina, Aberdeen Angus, Piemontese, Organic: five flavours, five colours, a great style. We communicate all relevant information without losing product visibility. To the main five references other versions are added: "Amor di Burger" for Valentine's Day, You & Meat Kids for children, special editions like Americano and Carni dal Mondo, an exclusive selection of world tastiness.



You&Meat is online with a website that reflects its philosophy: simple, dynamic and responsive, complete with all the details on the range and a large selection of custom recipes. The "Gallery" section collects all the photos and the social contributions of the fans. To capture every good time shared with the people we love.

Social / Digital PR

What a social life! In addition to the daily contents - from news to Real Time Marketing - and shares from friends and followers, on Facebook and Instagram a lot of partnership activities with opinion leaders in the food world take place. Should we talk about the trend topics? If #Sfiziosare sparked the creativity of the chef Giorgio Gramegna (MasterChef, Food Pornography) and the applauded griller’s web portal Braciami Ancora promoted the brand with top scores, #MomentoYouandMeat involved 10 bloggers dealing with their personal and original recipes, from a children’s lunch based on You & Kids Meat and pumpkin, to a Saturday brunch based on the “stars & stripes” special edition. And a lot more: a triumph of creative ideas to dare, taste and share.

Exhibitions / Events

Cibus, TuttoFood, social dinner: You&Meat knows how to show in public. Our set-ups always have that extra oomph: a van that becomes a small kitchen where you can prepare delicacies for the guests, a wall to shoot phots and instantly share them, a box to live the You & Meat experience with all five senses, an evening that gives more flavour to bloggers reviews. And there’s a reason for all this: to be, in any occasion, the main event.


A thousand ways to live You&Meat, not only as an experience to share, but also to collect.