Logo Restyling

A completely renovated format for Zordan, Italian design brand distributed all over the world with exclusive flagships and luxury shops. We started from the logo restyling: from the original format, we have designed 2 new logos, with chromatic variation in black and grey, for the product divisions Monobrand and Tailor-made.

Corporate Identity

The corporate identity stands out for the minimal and prestigious style. We introduce the theme of the line, fully developed in the corporate brochure. In fact, the line is the universal sign of the link and continuity, and marks the route that since 1965 has led Zordan towards the great target of everyday: to give shape to the beauty.


The offline message is mirrored online, in the new Zordan website, completely managed by Milk team: the responsive contents describe every phase of the supply chain, accompanied by shots that capture instants of work, where the craftsman hands become the authentic symbol of an experience and a care preserved over the time.