Tigotà – Super Ti

Every day we have to face up to small big missions: from the make up to the body care, up to the house cleaning. With Tigotà what is normal becomes extraordinary, and the products are transformed into “super-powers”. Hence, the idea of Super Tì, irresistible characters that come alive in an integrated campaign (commercial, billposting, web, point of sale).

Print Campaign

We have developed 12 subjects, one for each month, strongly characterized according to the target and the reference sector: “Perfect Washing”, “Fantastic Nails”, “Happy Mum”, “Valentine’s Day” and all the others joining us in an original, coloured, unforgettable journey.


Multi-subject Web Commercial

The Super Tì really exist: find them out in our very funny 6-subject web campaign. The Tigotà champions win thanks to their style, colours, personality from the next-door girl that turns into an exciting cat woman, up to the really super lady.