Much more than a drink: a way of loving oneself. This is the promise of the new 100% natural drink containing mate, maca, green coffee (in Italian “caffé verde”). We started from the capital letters of these herb extracts to create a fresh, original, name that results as unique as the product: Mamavè.


The uniqueness recurs in the logo: simple and dynamic in the lettering font and positioning; enriched with the graphic recall to the green coffee leaves; completed by the brand promise: 100% Natural Drink.


The sinuous compact shape of the packing combines aesthetics and handling. The vivid, bright, specific-for-every-reference colours stand out. To strike at the first glance.


Mamavè plus is to give not only energy, but good, vital energy for the organism. For this reason, it improves the wellbeing if integrated into our daily habits. Advantages contained in the three words of our claim “Vitality, every day”.