Lidl: “Anch’io!”

A great international brand, a great aim: to contribute to root the brand Lidl in Italy in line with the new positioning, through a route oriented to an offer that becomes increasingly rich and of quality aiming at the excellence of Italian products.

“Anch’io!” Campaign

To communicate a sense of pride and of belonging to all the chain, from the suppliers to the members of the staff up to the customers, joined by a choice that rewards products of quality, at the fairest price. The synthesis is a claim, one word expressing presence, participation and sharing: “Anch’io!”

Even the message to the consumer target is straightforward: quality requires neither sacrifices nor changes in the shopping habits. Hence: “Do not change life style, change supermarket”.

The “Anch’io!” Campaign is an extraordinary journey through Italy to describe the promise of the brand (corporate commercials) and the use on the private label offer (product commercials). The prestigious signature of the film director Luca Lucini gives the image a cinematographic treatment that enhances the beauty of the most suggestive Italian settings. In the background, the touching notes of the song “Aria” by Gianna Nannini.

TV Commercial

5-month shooting, 15,000 km covered from North to South, 60 people among leading and supporting actors, 1 drone for the aerial shots.

60” Corporate

Lidl “Anch’io!” | Quality

Lidl “Anch’io!” | Freshness

LIDL Anch'io - Freschezza

Lidl “Anch’io!” | Local products

30” Product

Lidl Anch’io! | Nonna Mia

Lidl Anch’io! | Real Forno

Lidl Anch’io! | Vallericca


“Deluxe” Campaign

To communicate the pluses of Deluxe, Lidl high-quality delicatessen line: a range of special products coming from all over the world, offered at an extraordinary price. Thanks to Deluxe, luxury is finally within everyone’s means. The message invites to always treat oneself well, making “everyday, a Deluxe day”. A family lunch that becomes an appointment with luxury. This is the meaning of the Deluxe commercial: magic atmosphere, elegant and appetizing treatment. The main course? The surprise ending

TV Commercial

2 cameras (family scene + food scene) working contemporaneously. Time optimization: 1 shooting day instead of the scheduled 2.


“SpesaXsempre” Campaign

Value for money results from the shopping volume. We support the “call to action” with a great contest, where we invite the public to guess the value of the shopping contained in a trolley. An amazing jackpot and many other prizes to be won.

Multi-subject TV Commercial


“SpesaXsempre” continues with an amusing candid camera: a viral video shot on Verona roads, where an actor of ours “furnished” with trolley asks the passers-by to guess the purchases value.

TV and Web Commercial Campaign – Christmas 2015