Giuntini, Italian recipes to bite on

We give a new image to the historic brand of the Italian Petfood, starting from the logo restyling, line packaging and corporate website. Then the communication on print, TV, and through a Social Media Marketing strategy to increase the presence and the brand reputation on the main social networks.

Logo Restyling

The important thing is to manage to keep the original identity so as not to distort the brand identity. Once the distinctive shapes in the logo and the lettering have been identified, elements are balanced d to create an up-to-date characteristic style.


Pro Line Restyling

We capture a special moment of the close relationship between humans and animals, making them protagonists of the communication, both in the logo and in the pack.


Giuntini logo becomes the base to define format and mood of the Pro Line. The corporate colour is connected to a second shade that marks the single recipe and guides the target to the purchase. The close-up of animal and human being together elects the consumer to active part of the daily wellbeing of dog and cat.

Line Logos

A study of the naming to make the previous Pro26D and Pro34 more accessible. The lettering is aligned with the corporate image so as to underline the belonging to the main brand.

Pro Line Campaign

Two TV commercials and a print campaign focused on the plus of the ProDog and ProCat line: selected ingredients that contribute to improve the animal breath. We have played with paradoxical situations to create an extraordinary surprising effect. The claim: “Sweet breath, healthier life”.

Multi-subject TV Commercial


Print Campaign

Pro26D and Pro34 Campaign

Our animal friends are the first real judges of taste and quality. For this reason, we consider them as an expert team, so severe and inflexible that they become our “corporate executives”. The claim: “What we choose is what they choose”.

TV Commercial


Multi-subject Print Commercial

Web and Social Media

The restyling of Giuntini website relies on the simplicity and the immediacy to optimize the user experience. We have modified even the Facebook page with constantly updated contents, contests and fun facts from the Petfood world and storytelling on the relationship owners-animals.

Website Restyling