Spot TV

Una lunga serie di sopralluoghi, 7 giorni di riprese, 2 droni a disposizione, oltre 30 ritratti di casari, artigiani, persone: “Il sapore della nostra anima” è il nostro progetto più recente per il formaggio Asiago DOP. Lo spot, trasmesso in Rai nelle versioni 15’’, 30’’ e 60’’, su web e al cinema nella versione 60’’, è un emozionante racconto visivo che esalta il gusto delle due anime, Fresco e Stagionato, e al tempo stesso regala una visione d’insieme calda e coinvolgente di un Altopiano unico, come la sua gente.

Brand Image

Elegance and essentiality characterize the brand image of DOP Asiago, thousand-year-old excellence of made-in-Italy at table.


We praise the characteristics of Fresh and Matured DOP Asiago, making a graphic format that reminds of the logo, enriched with an elegant and contemporaneously appetizing shot. The contents develop a sensory route to recognize the authentic DOP Asiago through the sight, the sense of smell, of touch, and of taste.

Corporate photographic shooting

“Originality” Campaign

Only the authentic Asiago can boast the DOP brand, whose thousand-year-old tradition is passed on, observing the rules of strict product specifications. For this reason, originality and authenticity are at the centre of the message.

“Which Asiago do you belong to?” Campaign

We describe the types of DOP Asiago, Fresh and Matured, inviting the public to know and taste the “two souls” of the product.

TV Commercial

The Fresh Asiago is soft and light, whereas the Matured Asiago is full-body and flavoursome. The commercial (60’’, 15’’, 7’’) compares two tastes, so different and so similar, having in common the most genuine ingredient. We describe the link that joins the two “Milk Brothers” using an analogy between the dynamic, fizzy style for the Fresh Asiago and the classic, elegant style for the Matured Asiago.


Corporate Video

Two corporate videos for Fresh and Matured DOP Asiago to underline even more the personality and the specific characteristics of these tastes.

Asiago Fresco

Asiago Stagionato